System Integration
Affiliate Co-branding?
GSM can be a Biz Builder for systems working on branded affiliations with partner hospitals, or systems seeking to integrate or standardize operations between units.
Integration & Co-branding

Would you be interested in usage of our materials? We're looking for associations, hospital systems, and consulting organizations that would like to extend our work and benefit their own business interests by showing healthcare organizations how to transform. Contact Us to learn more about this significant idea.

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Your mission is clear: Create a world class healthcare organization. Our resources are available to help you do the work of transformational change. Our central premise:

Gold Standard Organizations
come only from
Gold Standard Management

Gold Standard Management represents an integrated approach to implementing evidence-based best management practices on a house-wide basis. Results of this organization model have been reliably excellent as seen in Success Stories.

You will find here management tools, systems, training materials, and workable strategies. Think of the site as a set of templates, ready-to-go outlines as to how you might want to proceed. These resources can assist do-it-yourself makeovers or supplement the good stuff you've already accomplished. And we provide free advice and consulting help if needed.

What Results Are Produced?

Seen in the first year and continuing, results of best practice managing are predictable and substantial:

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Blogging on the Contrarian Edge...

From our list of Rants: "Are You a Hospital Knight?"...

The reason for renewal in organizations is that they underperform. Layer on layer of past decisions and ways of doing things mires down good performers, delays action, and ultimately kills motivation.  Managers become prisoners of the status quo, one leader saying that getting a decision made at his hospital was like “trying to swim in peanut butter.” (more)