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The Uncommon Leader

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The Uncommon Leader has a proven track record as a first year management team development program, and is the approach that produced the results shown in Success Stories. Management trainers often use our templates as a beginning outline, then add their own flavor and modifcations.

The Uncommon Leader was originally designed to produce significant business results in the first year, with a second year of internally directed mop-up and consolidation. The New American Hospital process is available in both consultant-assisted and self-directed approaches (the latter has proven to be more doable when an organization has successfully managed past aggressive improvement efforts).

The Uncommon Leader Concept

The entire organization renewal process is fully described in The Uncommon Leader.pdf.Three primary elements are at play:

Caveat:  Because of its massive change content and accelerated time lines, this model is not appropriate for every organization. To help determine whether this approach would work in your organization, first conduct an organization assessment and ContactUs for a free evaluation. We can help you think through variations that may be more suitable for your situation.

The Uncommon Leader Course Content

Sorry! A major revision of Course Content is currently underway. Content is not now available in downloadable form. Please contact us if you need any assistance now and we'll do our best to assist. We hope to have the revised packages up and running soon

Session 1:  Profiles in Excellence.Outcomes:  Builds management best practices & team skills, unifies mission and commitment to team goals, improves time and meeting management practices, and standardizes professional management practices.

Session 2:  The Power Of People. Outcomes:  Installs Best People Tactical Plan and management practices, identifies required leadership behaviors, action plans for rehabilitation of non performers, installs better selection methods, identifies turnover causes for action, and install quality of work life elements.

Session 3:  The Privilege of Service. Outcomes:  Installs a Customer Service Tactical Plan into your organization, and works on managerial performance issues and team building.

Session 4:  Risking for Greatness.  Outcomes:  Increases initiative taking, reduces managers’ dependency on executives, removal of change resistance factors, tracks ideation by department, and provides early celebration of interim results.

Session 5:  Quality, Speed, and Results.  Outcomes: Establishes common continuous improvement approaches as precursor to housewide training efforts, puts slow TQM projects on short timelines, establishes a High Quality Tactical Plan, and reduces the number and size of liability lawsuits.

Session 6:  Unifying Team Performance. Outcomes:  Productivity gains that outpace operating costs, improved speed of idea implementation, and reduced operating costs.