Create Cultural Change

How do we get a common set of values in place? How do we get the team on the same sheet of music, or marching in the same direction? It's only possible with a clearly defined culture.

Corporate culture is difficult to describe, but people are readily aware when they're in a good one. The cultures in High Performance Organizations (HPOs) typically have a common set of descriptors:

One writer has used the term "culture custard", picturing what goes on in an organization as being held together by this custard. Sam Walton said, "Culture is everything."

Managing Culture

Gold Standard Management takes the point of view that culture is hard to manage directly. Management can introduce elements that are supportive of it, they can protect it against forces that may injure it, but culture is ultimately an outgrowth of the collective experience and perceptions and relationships among Associates.

GSM approach incorporates the following elements to assist culture development: