Managerial Performance & Promotability

Are you promotable? Do you know why staff people fail? How can one stand out in a collective organizational society? What are the true bedrocks of performance enhancement?

This book focuses on those topics particularly needed by middle managers and those new to the management game. Staying away from theoretical conceptualizing, this is a guide to organization living. Hundreds of specific pointers for career success. Paperback, 175 pp.





Book Contents

What You'll Find In
Managerial Performance & Promotability

Part One—Organization Behavior

  • An Inside Look At The Informal World
  • Why Do People Behave As They Do?
  • Organization Epfectiveness
  • Before The Union Knocks

Part Two—Managerial Effectiveness

  • Are You Promotable?
  • What Do Effectlve Managers Do?
  • The Operating Manager's Accountabilities

Part Three—The Manager As Multiplier

  • The Manager As Change Agent
  • Why Staff People Fail
  • Achieving Motivation Release
  • Preventing Credibility Gaps

Part Four—The Manager As A Person

  • The Maturing Manager
  • Ethics: The Vital Component