Total Customer Satisfaction
A Comprehensive Approach for Health Care Providers

Finally, Real Solutions for Customer Service Excellence! The approach that has brought national award-winning Customer Satisfaction ratings to numerous healthcare organizations is now available in a step-by-step book for those ready to make change. This how-to-do book provides both a comprehensive strategy for and the nitty-gritty details of how to get it done. This book details the comprehensive approach that the authors implemented in many of America's award-winning hospitals, and is chock full of examples, checklists, and benchmark practices, and is designed for ease of implementation. See Book Reviews


Book Contents

What You'll Find In
Total Customer Satisfaction

Designed for leaders who want to win, this book provides a step-by-step path to be followed to achieve and sustain high ratings. Organizations which follow the book's prescriptions can expect to achieve the following in 12-24 months:

Contents include:

    1. Extraordinary Customer Satisfaction Power
    2. 18 Commandments of Customer Satisfaction Management
    3. What the Customer Really Wants
    4. Measurement Tools That Work
    5. The Economic Cost Of Dissatisfied Customers
    6. How To Win Customer Loyalty & Retention
    7. The Irrational Nature of Customer Satisfaction: Sweating The Small Stuff
    8. The Supporting Cast for Customer Satisfaction
    9. A Healthcare Customer Satisfaction Strategy
    10. Sustaining Top Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Book Reviews

What Experts & Award Winning Leaders Say About
Total Customer Satisfaction

"Whether the reader represents a physician practice, nursing home, hospital or any other type of provider, this book will help boost patient satisfaction scores." —Irwin Press, PhD, President, Press, Ganey Associates

"Finally....a comprehensive and practical blueprint on how to implement organization-wide, rapid, customer satisfaction improvement with staying power. It's an inclusive book with example after example of how to prioritize your customer satisfaction actions that will give the greatest return on your investment. After using these helpful how-to's and experiencing the results, I highly recommend it." —John N. Schwartz, CEO, Trinity Hospital, Chicago, Best Practices Award in Cultural Transformation

"This is must reading for all individuals who want to capture the essence of customer service and the hearts of their employees. While many of us in healthcare know were we want to go, this practical book guides us on the journey." —Quint Studer, President, The Studer Group

"Whether you're a CEO, a patient caregiver, or simply someone who cares about the results of service initiatives, you'll find plenty of great ideas in this book that can be used "as-is" or adapted for your own organization's use." —Mark Clement, CEO, Holy Cross Hospital, Chicago, Global Best Practices Award for Customer Service

"In healthcare, measuring customer satisfaction is no easy task. This timely book drives the point home and provides a structure to help healthcare organizations go beyond just measuring: to move from listening, to responding." —Jerry Seibert, President, Parkside Associates